Tuesday 15 March 2016

A Graph Karaoke Salute to Anders

Today was a very special day. I travelled to Malmø to join a bunch of my Neo4j colleagues for a very, very sad reason - attending the funeral of Anders.

Anders was one of the people that made an unbelievable impression on me when I started at Neo almost 4 years ago. He was a quiet person, for sure, but a fantastic musician, a superbly bright engineer (initial creator of most of Neo4j's awesome documentation - which everyone knows and loves!), and loving, caring, and ever-friendly person all round. I can't say I knew him best - but it always felt like there was a strong connection there - ever since those first couple of days  where I got to know him at Ã…ngavallen.

So today we said goodbye to Anders, who was torn away from us way too early because of that terrible disease, cancer. I am getting to an age where too many people in my surroundings fall victim to it, so in light of my recent multilingual graph karaoke posts - I thought I would post a Salute to Anders - Graph Karaoke style - with a French song by a fantastic Belgian singer songwriter, Stromae. It's called  "Quand c'est?" (When is it?) which when you listen to it is all about the disease that has taken so many...

Here's to you Anders, Long May You Run - we will remember you.

Love from Belgium.


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