Tuesday 18 February 2020

Graphistania 2.0 - Episode 4 - This Month in Neo4j

Yey! My friend StefanW and I got round to recording another Graphistania episode, episode 4 already - time flies when you are having fun! This month, again, we have so much great content popping up in the This Week in Neo4j (Twin4j) newsletter, that we could probably fill a few hours talking about it. So in the podcast, we will only talk about a handful - covering things like

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Experimenting with Conflicting access privileges in Neo4j 4.0

In the past couple of weeks, I have been playing around with the shiny new security features of Neo4j 4.0. They are truly interesting - both for childproofing beergraphs and for ensuring that your sensitive fraud databases are properly secured. Take a look at the previous post, and I think you will understand why.

In this post, I wanted to talk about something that I have seen so many times in my previous lives in the security industry, and that also became evident in my 4.0 research. It's got to do with conflicting security privileges. In a nutshell, this is to do with the case where

  • a specific user / role would receive a particular set of privileges from one policy
  • the same user / role would receive a different, and contradictory privilege from another policy. 
In that case, we need clear rules to understand what would happen. In the case of Neo4j 4.0, this is reasonably well explained as part of the documentation - see the documentation site on this topic - but in this post I will try to give you a realistic, but simple example.

Creating Conflict

We'll start working on this with the same database as the previous post, the fraud dataset. If you don't have it yet, just download it from this link. Once we have the database up and running as a separate user database, we can switch to the system database and create a separate user for these tests.

//create a separate user for engineering the conflicting privileges
CREATE ROLE conflicted_role AS COPY OF reader;

Friday 7 February 2020

Securing a sample fraud graph with Neo4j 4.0

This week, we at Neo4j formally released our brightest and shiniest new version of the Neo4j Graphg Database to the world. It's been an amazing journey to this point, and others have reported on this magnificent piece of engineering in more depth. Take a look at Jim's blogpost, or if you are in a hurry, checkout the graphcast below:
Last week, I started playing around with it myself - by digging up my good old faithful beergraph, and illustrating some of the new features in childproofing exercise for beers. Take a look at that post as well for some giggles. Now in this post, I wanted to essentially do the same thing as I did on the beergraph, but using a Fraud dataset. 

Let's see how that would work.