Friday 26 January 2018

Podcast Interview With Konstantin Lutovich, Neo4j

Just before 2017 came to an end, I read this blogpost by my colleague Konstantin that was talking about how we were including an asynchronous API in our Java driver. That triggered my attention - I have always thought of the non-blocking characteristics of asynchronous systems to be very interesting for lots of different use cases. Just think of the difference between email (async) and phone (sync) communication - there's great use cases for both of them, right? 

So I decided to try and get Konstantin on the phone, which he very graciously accepted. We had a great chat - which is what this next podcast episode is all about. Hope you enjoy!

Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB: 00:00:03.511 Hello everyone. My name is Rik Van Bruggen from Neo4j and here I am again recording another episode to our Graphistania Neo4j podcast. And this morning I've got a wonderful colleague of mine in Malmö, Sweden, on the other side of this Skype call and that's Konstantin Lutovich. Hi, Konstantin. 
KL: 00:00:23.786 Hello, Rik. Thanks for having me here.

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Podcast Interview with Jesus Barrasa, Neo4j

Finally - FINALLY. After a very happy and successful end to 2017, we are back in full swing for making 2018 rock at least as much as last year. And that also means getting back into the habit of publishing this lovely little Neo4j podcast. To do that, I asked my friend and colleague Jesus to spend a few minutes talking to me about all the great graphy stuff that he has been working on to make Neo4j succeed even more in the Telecommunications industry. Jesus is leading a "Telecoms Practice" in Neo4j, and is leveraging his domain expertise to create even more value for Neo4j users and clients. So here's a little chat: