Friday 11 March 2016

The Neo4j Browser has a BeerGraphGuide

I have written quite a bit about Beer on this blog - and that's a good thing. I have also done a bunch of graphgists about it, and I am sure I will keep on doing that for a while to come. But recently, I have learnt about some new functionality in the already awesome Neo4j Browser that allows you to extend it with custom GUIDES - the learning tool that is built straight into the platform. And so I had to take it for a spin, and get my Belgian Beergraph to become part and parcel of the Browser - of course.

Here's a little video I made capturing how this would look like.

I am planning to come back to this in the next few weeks, and explain the details of how this works. But for now, I think this opens up a world of possibilities on how people will be sharing and working on graphs with Neo4j and its Browser.



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