Wednesday 29 January 2020

Securing my Beergraph with Neo4j 4.0

Not sure if you have realised, but Neo4j has actually recently made the 4.0 version of the most fantastically awesome graph database on the planet available. You can get it ahead of the big launch event (on February 4th, 2020 - in case you were wondering!) from the Download Center and take it for a spin.

In this unbelievable release, there are so many new features, it's kind of hard to keep track of everything. But the ones that I can most easily get my head around are clearly
  1. multi-database support - finally, Neo4j actually has this concept of running multiple databases on one database server. A multi-tenancy solution, that has been requested and anticipated by many of our users and customers. 
  2. a VERY advanced schema-based security module, that allows people to extend the existing role-based security model of Neo4j even further - and make it crazy powerful. We'll spend a lot of time on that in this blogpost.
Readers of this blog probably know that I am a big fan of getting my feet down and dirty with our products, so this evening - with a couple of hours to spare, so to speak - I decided to try out the shiny new release. I spun up my Neo4j Desktop, and started reading some manual pages where stuff was explained. Specifically, I loved

Soon after flipping through this, I was on my way.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Graphistania 2.0 - Episode 3 - This Month in Neo4j

Happy new year everyone - although it actually seem like the holidays are already very far behind us! But great times were had, at least in my family, and so I feel super energised to make 2020 another great start to a decade of graphs :) ... Here's to that!

It also means that we are continuing to see all these awesome community stories pop up left right and center in the Neo4j "This week in Neo4j" developer newsletter. And so on our Graphistania podcast, we are going to continue talking about these on a monthly basis. So that's what we're doing - and I have again invited my friend and colleague Stefan Wendin to join me.

From the newsletter, we always select a few stories that we think will be more interesting and/or meaningful to discuss. This month, we found a number of them, and the interesting thing was that the graph-stories seemed to play at very different scales... The Personal, Corporate, and Society levels. Here are some of the ones we liked:

At the Personal scale
At the Corporate scale
At the Society scale, we saw some amazing posts:
So I think you agree that we had plenty of stuff to talk about. Let's get into that!