Friday 23 December 2016

Podcast Interview with Emil Eifrem, Neo Technology

In the summer of 2015, 5-6 months after first starting this crazy podcast thing with Michael and Mark at Qcon London, I finally got my boss and friend Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology, to spend some time with me on this podcast. It was a great conversation, and I still smile thinking about the silly drumroll that we used.  But just before we wrap up 2016, it felt like it was the right thing to get Emil back on the podcast, and talk about "stuff". Here's that conversation - a little longer than usual, but totally worth it.

Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB: 00:02.909 Hello everyone. My name is Rik, Rik Van Bruggen from Neo Technology. And here I am again. And I'm so excited, I can barely restrain myself. It's my “├╝ber boss” on the phone again. It's been 18 months since the last interview, and here I have him back on the podcast. Emil Eifrem. Hi, Emil. 
EE: 00:21.803 Hi Rik. Thanks for finally inviting me back.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Podcast Interview with Mouse Reeve, Internet Archive

Here's a lovely, conversation with a super interesting Neo4j community member: Mouse Reeve. She has been actively working on a really interesting application of Neo4j (see below) that is probably covering the most interesting and captivating domains ever: demons, spells, magic, and more. I am sure you will enjoy the following conversation as much as I did :) ...

Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB: 00:03.841 Hello everyone. My name is Rik, Rik Van Bruggen from Neo Technology and here we are again recording another podcast for our Graphistania podcast series. And tonight I have a lovely guest all the way from California, Mouse Reeve from the Internet Archive. Hi, Mouse.

Friday 2 December 2016

Exploring the Paris Terrorist Attack network - part 3/3

Previously, on this blog, I had started writing about how we could get some of the data published by a local Belgian newspaper, De Standaard, on the Paris Terrorist Attack Network into Neo4j. In
  • Part 1, we talked about loading the raw JSON data into Neo4j, and then in
  • Part 2, we cleaned up some of the data for easy querying in Neo4j. 
So that's where we are. To wrap things up, I just wanted to illustrate some of the results and queries in Neo4j around some of the most interesting figures in this Terrorist network. I started some of my explorations around a widely reported terrorist, and Belgian national, called Salah Abdeslam.

So let's take a look at Salah in Neo4j.