Friday 27 February 2015


It's that time again. That Karaoke time. After having had the King of Pop, The Boss, and many other celebrities, it was time for the Queen of Pop. I chose this song, just to GET YOU INTO THE GRAPH. Seemed appropriate. Here goes:

Hope you enjoyed it.


The QCON Graph

Next week is QCON, London's holiest of holiest (according to some) developer conferences. It's going to be a ton of fun, and the lineup of speakers and sessions is just... impressive. Take a look at it over here - there's dozens of sessions that I would love to attend, by speakers that I would love to see. Unfortunately, I will probably miss most of it - as Neo4j is sponsoring the event, and that means BOOTH DUTIES! Yej!

But, not to be worried, there's fun to be had - with the schedule. I mean, who can read any of this stuff, really:

Tables, Schmables!!! Let's but it into a graph!

Start with a model!

From the tables above, I distilled the following model:

It's actually pretty rich: 
  • Floors, days and times are connected to eachother by "in-graph-index" relationships. 
  • Rooms and talks are there
  • Talks are part of a track
  • Persons can act as speakers and as track hosts.
There's some fun to be had there. 

Importing it into Neo4j

Naturally, I started with a spreadsheet. I needed to do some copy/pasting and cleaning of the data, and that's what I use that for. But once it was there, generating the Cypher to create the graph was trivial. Here's the create script to do that yourself - just clone it if you want.

Once we had that, we could start doing some querying on the graph. I have put some sample queries over here.

Here are some interesting ones exploring the graph:

This is a little overview of the "conference timeline: just exploring the days and then looking at the timeslots available in that day:

Here we go looking at some talks and tracks and how they are connected to eachother:

And this is probably my favourite: looking at the connectivity between the unfollowable Mark Needham and Yan Cui of Gamesys:

Of course there's plenty more to explore. That's why my friend and colleague Michael Hunger was kind enough to put the database (in read-only mode) on one of his servers - you can take a look at it over here.

Hope you found this useful - see you next week at the conference!



Friday 6 February 2015

Graph Karaoke - prepping for a big party!

Don't know if you know this, but in a few months from now, we are going to have the biggest Graph Party in Europe this year. GraphConnect is *ON* in London on May 7th, and you should all register. There will be talks, trainings, tracks by users, community contributors, briefings - and above all, LOTS OF FUN. Which is why I thought I would share a video that I recently saw with an entire TV studio just boasting lots of FUN:

This is, of course a WONDERFUL song, and there's "a capella" versions of it too, but of course I had to prepare a Graph Karaoke version of it too. Hoping to share that one with all the folks coming to London in May.

Hope you enjoyed that one. Play it LOUD!!!