Friday, 27 February 2015


It's that time again. That Karaoke time. After having had the King of Pop, The Boss, and many other celebrities, it was time for the Queen of Pop. I chose this song, just to GET YOU INTO THE GRAPH. Seemed appropriate. Here goes:

Hope you enjoyed it.


The QCON Graph

Next week is QCON, London's holiest of holiest (according to some) developer conferences. It's going to be a ton of fun, and the lineup of speakers and sessions is just... impressive. Take a look at it over here - there's dozens of sessions that I would love to attend, by speakers that I would love to see. Unfortunately, I will probably miss most of it - as Neo4j is sponsoring the event, and that means BOOTH DUTIES! Yej!

But, not to be worried, there's fun to be had - with the schedule. I mean, who can read any of this stuff, really:

Tables, Schmables!!! Let's but it into a graph!

Start with a model!

From the tables above, I distilled the following model:

It's actually pretty rich: 
  • Floors, days and times are connected to eachother by "in-graph-index" relationships. 
  • Rooms and talks are there
  • Talks are part of a track
  • Persons can act as speakers and as track hosts.
There's some fun to be had there. 

Importing it into Neo4j

Naturally, I started with a spreadsheet. I needed to do some copy/pasting and cleaning of the data, and that's what I use that for. But once it was there, generating the Cypher to create the graph was trivial. Here's the create script to do that yourself - just clone it if you want.

Once we had that, we could start doing some querying on the graph. I have put some sample queries over here.

Here are some interesting ones exploring the graph:

This is a little overview of the "conference timeline: just exploring the days and then looking at the timeslots available in that day:

Here we go looking at some talks and tracks and how they are connected to eachother:

And this is probably my favourite: looking at the connectivity between the unfollowable Mark Needham and Yan Cui of Gamesys:

Of course there's plenty more to explore. That's why my friend and colleague Michael Hunger was kind enough to put the database (in read-only mode) on one of his servers - you can take a look at it over here.

Hope you found this useful - see you next week at the conference!



Friday, 6 February 2015

Graph Karaoke - prepping for a big party!

Don't know if you know this, but in a few months from now, we are going to have the biggest Graph Party in Europe this year. GraphConnect is *ON* in London on May 7th, and you should all register. There will be talks, trainings, tracks by users, community contributors, briefings - and above all, LOTS OF FUN. Which is why I thought I would share a video that I recently saw with an entire TV studio just boasting lots of FUN:

This is, of course a WONDERFUL song, and there's "a capella" versions of it too, but of course I had to prepare a Graph Karaoke version of it too. Hoping to share that one with all the folks coming to London in May.

Hope you enjoyed that one. Play it LOUD!!!