Tuesday 6 October 2020

Graphistania 2.0 - Episode 9 - The one about the (Graph Databases for) Dummies (book)

Here's a nice new episode of the Graphistania podcast for you: for the first time in 5 years, I was able to get the fantastically awesome Chief Scientist of Neo4j, Dr. Jim Webber, back to the podcast. Jim is a great colleague and friend, and one of the best tech public speakers in the business - especially when you want to talk Graphs and distributed systems. Over the past few months, I had the pleasure of working together with Jim on a more regular basis - as we actually wrote a book together: the Graph Databases for Dummies book. It was announced on the Neo4j blog, and seems to have been doing really well in the past few weeks. Some of you may remember that Jim co-wrote The O'Reilly book on Graph Databases, and I wrote Learning Neo4j by Packt (2nd edition together with Jérôme Baton) - and we have had a bit of friendly banter going back and forth about the quality of both artifacts :) ... it has been a ton of fun.

So here's the chat that we recorded about the new book - hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB - 00:00:00.151 Hello, everyone. My name is Rik, Rik Van Bruggen, from Neo4j, and here I am again recording another episode of our Graphistania podcast. And this is a special one. This is a special episode, one that we've been talking about for some time, because I have a very special guest on this show, and that is my dear friend and colleague Jim Webber. Hey, Jim.