2 podcasts for the price of 1

The Neo4j Graphistania Podcast

Since March 2015, I started to host a podcast about the wonderful world of graph databases. We're calling it the "Graphistania" podcast, for lack of a better nickname. You can find the rss feed over here or look us up in iTunes, or just access the page with all the page with all the podcasts over here.

Or just take the Soundcloud playlist for a spin:

The Hopsworks "Featuring" Podcast

Then, after I left Neo4j in 2023, and started working for the wonderful folks at Hopsworks, I decided to restart my podcasting/vlogging habit. I did a series of interviews with great people in the Hopsworks AI/ML community, published them on the Hopsworks blog, on Youtube (with video), and also as a podcast. 

You can find the Podcast episodes over here:
Take it for a spin! 
As I said above, all of the podcasts and transcriptions in one page, use the blogpost labels and jump over here.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy creating these.




  1. Rik,
    I really enjoy your podcasts learning about Graphs and how folks use them as well as the history of Neo. I do have one suggestion - perhaps it would be cool if you would announce the date on the podcast. That way when folks listen, say in a car, they have some context around when the podcast was recorded.


    1. Eddie - that is a great idea and I will *try* (I know I will forget - so apologies already! :) ) to include it in the future...

      Thanks for reaching out and making the suggestion!