Tuesday 11 September 2018

Podcast Interview with Karin Wolok, Neo4j

Next week is GraphConnect New York City 2018, and that's of course a big highlight for all of us at Neo4j. You should really be there if you can :) ...

One of the reasons why GraphConnect is such a great event, is because it allows us to connect all the nodes in the graph and have a great couple of days of real-world conversations about this fascinating topic called graphs. Again, we are going to have a great line-up, not in the least because of all the great community content that we will be presenting and working on during the event.

On top of that, we have had a LOT going on in the Neo4j Community recently - with the launch of a new community site and more. That's a good enough reason for me to invite Karin Wolok, our Community Manager at Neo4j for a good chat. Here it is:

Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB: 00:00:00.819 Hello, everyone. My name is Rik, Rik Van Bruggen from Neo4j. And here I am again recording another episode of our Graphistania Neo4j podcast. And today's a little bit of a special episode I think because it relates to something very dear to my heart and many people at Neo4j's heart, which is our Neo4j community. And for that, I've invited Karin Wolok on the podcast. Karin is our community manager. Actually, you have a very different and more expensive-sounding title, right, Karin? But maybe you can introduce yourself to our listeners.

Monday 3 September 2018

Podcast Interview with Johannes Unterstein, Neo4j

A couple of months ago, we had a great Online Meetup that was all about scaling out Neo4j using containerisation and container orchestration technologies. You can see the recording over here:

That was really cool, and a great execuse to invite my nowadays *colleague* Johannes Unterstein to the podcast. Johannes has a really interesting history and a lot of expertise in these technologies, and could really talk about them for our audience. So here's our chat:

Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB: 00:00:00.399 Hello, everyone. My name is Rik Van Bruggen from Neo4j, and here I am again after the holiday period recording another Graphistania podcast. And today I have the pleasure of welcoming one of my dear engineering colleagues on this podcast episode, and that's Johannes Unterstein from Germany. Hi, Johannes.