Friday 20 October 2017

Podcast Interview with Marco Falcier and Alberto d'Este, Neo4j Versioner

Just before GraphConnect, I thought I would publish another podcast on a subject that many people have been pondering about - and even struggling with. Ever since Ian Robinson wrote about on his blog and in the O'Reilly Graph Databases book, it's been a great topic of interest for many people in many different use cases: how can I keep track of versions in a graph? How can I look at the state of the graph at a particular moment on time, in other words, travel through time. Aleksa Vukotic presented some of this in a real-world application too, but the guests on this episode of the podcast decided they wanted a more generic solution - and so they got out their coding hats and got cracking. Here's my conversation with them:
Here's the transcript of our conversation:
RVB: 00:02.467 Hello everyone. My name is Rik. Rik Van Bruggen from Neo Technology. And I keep making the same mistake. It's no longer Neo Technology. It's Neo4j now. That's our name. And here we are recording another weekly podcast for the Graphistania podcast. And tonight, I have two people from Italy on the other side of this Skype call. And I'm really jealous of them because they're in the lovely Venice, north of Italy. And that's Marco Falcier and Alberto d'Este. Hello guys.