Saturday 14 March 2015

Finally: Hands-on Use Case Examples of my book

Dammit. Sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you make bigger mistakes. I just found out about something that must have fallen through the cracks, and that I should have done last fall when my Learning Neo4j book first came out. In that book, there are two elaborate chapters with use case examples. I spent quite a bit of time making, testing and writing these examples - with the clear intention of publishing them. And then I didn't, it seems. I was convinced that I had published them, but it seems like I just forgot. Dammit * 2.

So now I have put that right. All the use case examples can be replayed at your own pace in your own local Neo4j server. I have put them all on this Github Gist. In total there are three use case examples that have been developed: Each of the gists has two parts:
  1. A part where we create the graph. You should copy and past these into the Neo4j Shell. If you want to skip this part, then you can also download the graph.db folders: all of them at once in once zipfile, the recommendations graph.db zipfile, the impactanalysis graph.db zipfile, the impact simulation graph.db zipfile. They were all made with Neo4j 2.2RC1, fyi. 
  2. A part where we query the graph. You should explore those in the Neo4j Browser web interface.
Hope this is useful. And sorry for not having done this sooner.



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