Friday 26 September 2014

Another Graph Karaoke: Tom Waits

End of the quarter for me, and instead of biting my nails or pace myself waiting for some of our customers' orders to come in, I thought I would have another go at Graph Karaoke. Still waiting for that new discipline to catch on - but as long as I am having fun, right :)))

Here's the scoop: I have been a longtime fan of Tom Waits. Before Spotify came along, it was was one of the few artists that I basically bought ALL the records off. Good and bad. Actually he never made a truly bad record in my opinion, but that's a different topic :) ... and earlier in the week I came across one of my alltime favourite songs:
Such a wonderful, poetic and funny song - I just love it. The lyrics are over here, and I used these Cypher statements to import the song into my favourite graph database. Then all I had to do was create a little movie to share it with you - so here it is:

The queries that I used in the video, are also on github. I hope you half as much fun listening to it/watching it as I had creating it.



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