Thursday 29 May 2014

Dem-O Bones

** UPDATE: I wrote a GraphGist to complement this post as well.

I had so much fun at the Graph Pub tonight in London. It was amazing. Lots of wonderful talks there, and I got to finish it of with my personal Graph Playlist and a LIVE! demo of Dem Bones. Graphs are awesome, and Graphs About Music are even more awesome, at least in my book.

So here is the Graph Playlist for you to contribute to:

Please add it to your Spotify account, if you have one, and start adding songs. Would not mind a #graphplaylist tweet if you do!

Then of course, there was my interpretation of Dem Bones, in a Neo4j database. Here's a little video of it:

You can create the dataset yourself using this gist, and you can query it using the queries in this gist over here

Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed creating it.



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