Friday 25 May 2018

Graphs are blooming - again!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a two part blog post about Neo4j Bloom and how I was playing around with my BeerGraph and figuring out some cool features of the new Neo4j product. You can find these posts over here
It included a first little demo video,

that seems to have been liked by a bunch of people :) ... thanks for that.

Now that was very cool. But of course, I have been learning how to work more with Bloom, and we have actually been releasing some additional features in the latest preview releases, so it felt like I needed to revisit the demo a bit - or at least complement it a bit. That's what I just did. Here's another short little video which explains a couple of things
  1. how to navigate in Bloom, using different ways of selecting, un-selecting, fitting, and expanding data in the Graph
  2. how to use Bloom's advanced visualisation capabilities - ranging from using spiffy icons, to working with the really cool zoom-in and zoom-out features. Very difficult to do right in graphs - and our team has really done a great job.
  3. how to do data editing and cleanup in Neo4j Bloom. Yes! Really! You can just modify nodes in the tool. Without coding.
  4. how to use the advanced Graph Pattern Search in Bloom. In the previous video I was touting the custom search phrases and the "near natural language" querying - which is absolutely superbly powerful - but even without that there's some very nice pattern search capabilities that you can use without custom search phrases.

So check out this new video - I have added it to the same YouTube playlist for convenience.

Hope this is useful.



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