Friday 29 August 2014

Neo4j makes my head spin!

Since last month, my kids have been going to the local CoderDojo in Antwerp. It was a great success - and I must say that I myself truly enjoyed attending it as well. It's such a great sight to see kids do something more or less useful with their laptops, learning logic and some programming along the way.

The tool that they are using is Scratch - a great, visual and stimulating way for them to get acquainted with the principles of programming. One of their "assignments" was to great a Pong-like game, which they were able to complete quite easily to my surprise. And of course I had to goof around with it too, creating "NeoMakesMyHeadSpin". Silly, I know. But here you have it anyway. Push the green flag to start, the righ/left arrows to move the racket, and space bar to introduce the spinning head. 

Hope you like it - somehow.


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