Tuesday 21 January 2014

The Open Source Licensing Graph

Selling an open source product like Neo4j, always gets you into the interesting question around Licensing. How do you license your product? And then I get into a very interesting explanation on how the different versions of Neo4j compare in terms of features, license, support capability, and of course pricing.

The interesting part - for some people at least - is in the licensing. Neo4j has long chose a very viral open source license for its projects and products: the GPLv3, and the Affero GPL. The former is the license for the Neo4j Community Edition, and the latter is one of the two licenses (Neo Technology also offers a Commercial License, with none of the restrictions/obligations that the AGPL imposes) of the Enterprise Edition.

While I was researching the differences recently, I came across Choose A License, a github site that helps people choose the right open source license model. And so I decided to make a graph out of that. I created a graphgist, which you can view over here. Hope you like it - and that the information is actually useful.



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