Monday 10 June 2013

Graphs for Bunnies

Over the past couple of months, I have been doing lots of "Intro to Graphs" talks across Europe. What started out as an idea in our London User Group, has now been a standard monthly introduction that has been extremely well attended. And that's not where it stops - many other people want to start doing these sessions as well in different cities.

During these talks, lots of people have been asking really smart and important questions - and that's why I have created a small screencast to share the answers to these questions. Here is the screencast:

And here are some links that could be useful info to go with each of the questions:
  1. What are Graph Databases? 
  2. How do Graph Databases work? 
  3. What are Graph Databases good for?
  4. What are Graph Databases bad for? 
  5. How do Graph Databases perform?
  6. How do Graph Databases scale?
  7. How do I model my Graph Database?
  8. How do I ensure data integrity in my Graph Database?
  9. How to fit a Graph Database into my enterprise architecture?
  10. How do I fit a Graph Database in with other DB tech?
In general, please use or as your starting point. We also run a number of cool meetup groups in Europe and beyond.

I hope this is useful for all of you. If you want to take a look at the slides, then please visit the google doc or contact me! Happy to deliver or help deliver this talk in your city or at your company if that would be of interest.

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